The Inspire Team

 Lorine Beattie
Co-founder, President and Executive Director

Lorine Beattie
Lorine Beattie, Co-founder, President and Executive Director, sets the highest standard for Inspire Home Care’s clinical staff and caregivers. With over 35 years of service in the industry, Lorine is dedicated to exceeding expectations by delivering the region’s most effective, compassionate home care experience to every client, every time. Lorine and John Beattie co-founded Inspire in 2009.

John Beattie
Co-founder, Director

John Beattie
As Inspire Home Care’s Co-founder and Director, John Beattie directs many aspects of the company’s operations. His goal is for Inspire to offer the very best team of caregiving professionals available in Southeast Michigan. John encourages Inspire’s team to face challenges with a fresh and bold approach and to think outside of the box, both products of over 20 years prior experience in the advertising and design industry. John and Lorine Beattie co-founded Inspire in 2009.

Tracey Calderone, RN
Director of Nursing

Tracey Calderone, RN Director of Nursing
Tracey Calderone, RN, Inspire Home Care’s Director of Nursing, develops client service plans and oversees clinical staff and caregivers. Tracey has great clinical experience, including eight years as an ER charge nurse. She has a passion for providing great care for all our clients, and is highly skilled with patients who have suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury, as well as Trach, Vent, and other medically complex patients. Tracey has been a part of Inspire’s Leadership Team since 2019.

Mike Beattie
Business Manager

Mike Beattie Business Manager
Many of Inspire Home Care’s most vital business functions are the responsibility of Mike Beattie, Business Manager. Mike’s business expertise and focus on outstanding customer service is the product of over 30 years of achievement in the highly demanding and challenging automotive industry before joining Inspire. Mike has been a part of Inspire’s Leadership Team since 2011.

Lesli Rhoton
Business Associate

Lesli Rhoton Business Associate
As Business Associate at Inspire Home Care, Lesli Rhoton is responsible for helping make sure that our many business and administrative functions run smoothly. Lesli is instrumental in maintaining positive business relationships with a vast array of clients and associates in the community. Lesli has been a part of Inspire’s Leadership Team since 2011.

Cynthia Christie
Human Resources Director

Cynthia Christie Human Resources Director
Cynthia Christie, Human Resources Director, is passionate about helping Care Professionals at Inspire reach their professional goals, allowing them to better serve our clients. Cynthia is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Human Resources Department, which includes monitoring compliance with each of Inspire’s outstanding employees and all other HR functions. Her skill and experience in identifying accomplished and compassionate caregivers and her uncompromising attention to detail and nurturing manner ensures the reliability and consistency of our caregiving team. Cynthia has been a part of Inspire’s Leadership Team since 2014.

Shaya Markowicz
Scheduling Director

Shaya Markowicz
As Inspire Home Care’s Scheduling Director, Shaya Markowicz has years of experience successfully matching client to caregiver. Shaya is also an experienced caregiver, giving her insight and knowledge that are vital in understanding and communicating each client’s individual needs. Shaya is also one of the leadership team members on-call after business hours, responsible for resolving schedule and care concerns. Shaya has been a part of Inspire’s Leadership Team since 2012.

Katie Closs
Recruitment Director

Katie Closs
Katie Closs, Recruitment Director, oversees all aspects of recruiting and onboarding Inspire Home Care’s exceptional Care Professionals.  Katie’s many years of experience in all areas of Human Resources has given her the insight and expertise needed to identify the best staff to service our clients. Katie has been a part of Inspire’s Leadership Team since 2020.

Karen Perry, RN,BSN, CRRN
Nurse Supervisor

Karen Perry
As Nurse Supervisor, Karen Perry, RN, BSN, CRRN is no stranger to compassion and excellence. As a certified Rehabilitation Nurse and Behavioral Expert, Karen has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the specialized care our clients require to achieve their goals. Karen also has, “Train the Trainer” certification making her expertise invaluable to the training of our care professional team. Karen has been a part of Inspire’s Leadership Team since 2016.